Turcia Side

ACTIVITIES/TASKS CARRIED OUT Get to know each other and ice breaking activities; meeting school’s Erasmus+ team MIL, Human rights& civic competencies, digital identity and social media The activity was organised as PPT presentation and interactive learning using media platforms(Web historian etc), students followed presentations and interactively worked on computers: IT, Web development and graphic design classes The activity was organised as computer working in the IT laboratory; IT teachers conducted activities related with web development and graphic design Trip day, cultural exchange,trekking and orientation in space activity The social dilemma workshop,media messages and “emotional buttons”, a story about emotions and manipulation; Students followed the educational method involving watching the movie and post watching activities like fact checking activities, debate as included in the educational toolkit for educators available at https://www.thesocialdilemma.com/educators/. screening of the shortened edition of the “Social Dilemma” movie and an interactive activity which requires investigative and taking action based on the Gen Z Action Guide and Youth Toolkit. Attending English classes